If you hop on over to Recondite’s last.fm page you’ll find that he’s tagged as techno, house, acid, acid house, and electronic for the top five most frequently used tags. Recondite is difficult to categorize beyond the blanket-term electronic and Ghostly really says it best when they say Recondite “maintain[s] a style all his own.” Ghostly, as always, is going to provide a much better description and gauge of what you should be expecting to hear from Recondite on Hinterland – I’ve put that in the details below. The only song available for any listening right now is “Abscondence” and it’s a very gentle techno track with what sounds like a music box being sampled for part of the loop. Check that out below via the YouTube video and see what you think of it. Lastly, I’m not sure if the gray vinyl is a 2xLP like the black version or just a single LP – perhaps Ghostly can tell us? Cheers!

The Details

Vinyl Details
Limited edition grey vinyl exclusive to The Ghostly Store; limited to 225 units
2 x 12" standard weight black vinyl is limited to 1,000 units worldwide
Vinyl is inserted into black paper dust sleeves
2-panel art sleeve printed jacket with 5mm spine on matte linen UV stock finish
Vinyl includes download card
Design by Michael Cina, photography by Lisa Lydzius
Free download of "Abscondence" with pre-order
For many great artists, going back is the way to move forward. With this in mind, Berlin-based producer Recondite looked to his homeland of Lower Bavaria for his debut Ghostly International release, Hinterland. “I tried to capture the area’s mentality and natural environment within the album,” he explains. “Particularly the moods that behold the emotions of the four seasons, which differ a lot in this region.” In fact, most of the field recordings featured in this 10-track LP were taken in his recent visits to the free state in southeastern Germany.

Recondite’s production career has only spanned a handful of years, but his versatility with electronic music as an expressive medium puts him beyond others with discographies twice as long. He began Plangent Records in 2011 as a means for releasing his own music in limited batches. Lush, gorgeous, and vibrant are three words that can often describe his original productions, whether it’s floating in a beatless ambience or driving a hard rhythm through the soundsystem of a nightclub or warehouse. His debut album came out in 2012 on the Los Angeles-based Acid Test imprint, and quickly put him up alongside labelmate Tin Man, who offered a remix for the On Acid LP. And “Cleric,” a standout track from this year’s EC10 EP on Dystopian, has been played around major venues and festivals over the last few months by everyone from Dixon to Marcel Dettman.

Hinterland is another step forward in Recondite’s progression, maintaining a style all his own and acknowledging the finest moments in his previous releases. It’s no small feat to incorporate one’s observations of human nature against nature, and to lay it out in such a way that is cohesive, linear and sonically beautiful both up close and from a distance. “Characteristics of people’s minds,” he says. “Such as satisfied, frightened, calm, melancholic, sad, stoic, frustrated, strong, deep…they are captured in the sounds.”

While the record can be enjoyed in one long listen, there are going to be different tracks that speak to individual listeners. “Clouded” is one of the stronger arrangements, taking crisp white noise sweeps and filling the surrounding space with dreamy samples and warm bass. “Stems” is playful and fluid, and the record’s opener, “Rise,” is an eerie and melodic tinkering intro. As a whole, the release of Hinterland on Ghostly International is a perfect marriage – the label has always had an affinity for music with depth and frequencies that can magnetize a wide variety of listeners.

“Basically, this is the album that had to come out of Recondite eventually,” he adds, smiling. “Itis Recondite.”

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