RIYL: Radiohead, Chiptune, Video Game Soundtracks

Label: Unfortunateface Records

Often deleted on Youtube as quickly as it was uploaded, the legendary chiptune cover album known as 8-Bit Computer is finally getting a high-quality release on vinyl.  Confused?  Apathetic?  Flippant?  Your feelings matter not.  Arguably the best album of the 90s, Radiohead’s magnum opus on alienation in the rapidly-growing computer age makes so much sense in the scope of 8-bit music that it’s practically conceptual art.

Unfortunateface Records is a brand new label from the brain behind the notorious video game soundtrack label Moonshake Records.  The big difference here is that this is an officially-licensed release.  I’d get to ordering this NOW.  Among Radiohead fans, Moonshake fans, chiptune fans and avid gamers, 500 copies is a microscopic amount to go around.  I doubt these will make it through the week, and TRUST me when I say that once it’s sold out, you won’t be able to find a copy for less than $200.  Don’t sleep.

The Details

hand numbered, edition of 500, one per person please

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Price $30

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