RIYL: Glitchy Dreampunk

Label: Dream Catalogue

Another great Dream Catalogue release – always bringing new and interesting vaporwave releases to wax!

Limited Edition of 500 Turquoise Vinyl LPs

Returning with his first Dream Catalogue release since last year’s ‘SOUND_TRACK’, R23X is back with his most focused and fully realised album to date, ‘VELTAHL’, on December 29th.

VELTAHL is the result of years spent refining a certain sound – one which can only be called the ‘R23X style’ at this point. This mastery of audio manipulation leads to a flowing 20-track symphony featuring R23X’s characteristic VHS atmospherics, video game noises, glitched out percussion and mindbending sound experiments. This music is shy of neither experimentalism nor melodic beauty, and it makes for what must be considered R23X’s greatest album yet.

Featuring collaborations from vocalist Devora Shavinski and top Dream Catalogue essential artist Vaperror.

The Details


A distant, desolate future holds the key to a mysterious, forgotten past..........

New wares are the new heirs — yet, they have fallen as well. The only organic humans left are isolated, amnesiac warriors — awoken at random from their thousand-year sleep — carrying nothing but a glaive and a survival energy pack. Recovered from pods scattered across the wastes, mired in the vestiges of an ancient, hopeless war.

A bildungsroman for a forgotten soul. An immortal’s tale unknown — reborn only to accept an ancient defeat and to face a hopeless future. Project VELTAHL has failed.

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