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After releasing the wonderful Lossy EP and her sophomore full-length, Progress, last year, Maya Postepski is back with even more tar-dipped, glamourous electronica. Rendezvous is spillover from her Progress sessions – things Postepski didn’t feel fit on Progress, but all shared a “Krauty EDM vibe.” Postepski calls the impending EP a “departure from what she normally does.” However, judging from “Robber,” this EP is going to sound very much sound like her creation. Postepski rests in an aesthetic not often portrayed in music (as far as I know…). Of course, we could have something like the juxtaposition of “Discoset,” an archetypal Postepski track (a monster of a track at that – it’s over twenty-two minutes in length), and “June Gloom” from her Lossy EP… “June Gloom” was a minimalist track mainly employing the use of an electronically sourced wooden xylophone that might have soundtracked the first snowfall; something befitting of, perhaps, Magical Garage Taste. Listen to “Robber” via the SoundCloud player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Available March 25 on limited edition ivory vinyl w/ download card included!

"Rendezvous is an EP comprised of tracks that are a departure from what I normally do," says Postepski. "The tracks didn't quite work on the album (Progress) but I felt they shared a weird Krauty EDM vibe. The artwork was done by Faye and Gina in Paris. I love the concept they tied in with the single, Rendezvous: a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place and that is often secret."


1. Robber

2. Wet

3. Rendezvous

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