RIYL: Vaporwave | Vaperror

Label: Lost Angles

I thought this was noteworthy for the lathe.

Limited Edition Lathe Single 7″ / Endless Summer Cassette/Lathe/Zine Bundle

The deluxe bundle for the cassette release of PowerPCME‘s Endless Summer release includes a sunshine gold glitter cassette tape, a clear Lathe single of the track “Terminal Clouds (feat. Vaperror)” and an art zine dedicated to the album. Fans of the vaporwave genre know how few and far between vinyl releases can be, so it’s no surprise that as of this post there’s nearly half of the copies already snatched up.
(P.S. the listed price on the buy page is in CAD (not USD) so don’t be too shell-shocked by it.)

“Sometimes it feels like heat will never end. You pack your sunscreen and your old 2004 Canon digital camera and head out to the beach with your friends. You feel so alive in the sunshine but your heart aches, knowing eventually the summer will be over. You will always have the memories, and thinking of this you can’t help but crack a smile.”
– PowerPCME

Price $38.5

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