My blood pressure is off the charts right now – I feel like I could punch a hole in the wall. It’s dead week here in the states – the week where there’s supposed to be no homework assigned in class, just studying. The deal is I just took my fourth Nutrition exam and if I can manage to make an A on it, I can skip the final – I’m waiting for the grade right now and patience is not my strong suit. Going through choices of what to write about today, I found that I never wrote about Polysick during my string of Not Not Fun and 100% Silk releases last fall which may or may not show up in the recommended pages below. Under Construction happened to come out last year, so I’m especially shocked I missed it.

Let me tell you – once I put “3 Cents” came on, there was a significant drop in my blood pressure – its watery synth wobbles being splashed in with the percussion made for a soothing, yet pulsing, house track. “Whatever,” another track available for preview, really reminds me of Bomberman Hero with its array of drum machines pounding away, along with the light synthesizer chords woozily making their rounds. There’s a shortened version of “Barry Talks,” a B-side, with an odd music video accompanying it. Check it all out below and see what you think of it Cheers!

The Details

Visionary Roman hyperrealist Polysick (aka Egisto Sopor) is one the most inspirationally omnivorous electronic futurists in the biz right now. From the miasmic sci-fi terrariums of his 2012 opus Digital Native to his scrambled alien radio hijack tape Flow FM to his recent new age metropolis techno-fantasy Daydream, he traverses every sphere with a masterfully warped, expansive, and maximalist touch. Under Construction finds him fracking into fresh dancefloor terrains: breezy rooftop acid stretched into animal balloons, degenerated house dubs refracted through 80′s video arcade ambience, jazzy champagne-spritzed 303-dosed loft funk, screwed Barry White samples echoing across the chill out lounge, etc. Four instant time-travel crate-dug classics by one of today’s most clued-in constructionists. Edition of 460.

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