Point G’s “Syncussion” is extremely evocative of the last decade (by “last decade, “I mean the 90s). This is rough and gritty house, stripped down to its bare essentials with some dub elements thrown in. Imagine yourself in a sweaty club, you’re in your early twenties – this is when raves were filthy, underground and not commercialized. You have no idea what time it is, the neon strobe lights are fierce and they’re starting to blur like an exposed photograph of the stars. The constant flickering of light, going from being blind to having sight again, makes you appear to be moving in slow motion – you don’t even need drugs to feel wigged out. You’ve got dehydration and seizure-inducing lights to help with the dysphoria. You have no idea where your friends are, but you’re going to make this club go up on a Tuesday with the help of “Syncussion.” Check out a preview of “Syncussion” below via the SoundCloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Point G. for limited edition with track done 10 years ago. Be fast.

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