After a surprising search through the Sly Vinyl archives, it appears that this EP has yet to receive a write up. patten is a UK producer on the legendary Warp label (home to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, among countless others) and with EOLIAN INSTATE‘s release, it also signifies his debut on the label. His sophomore full-length, ESTOILE NAIANT,  is due out on the label this month if you’re curious. Released back in November, it broke patten’s two year silence. On EOLIAN INSTATE, you get flirtations with hip-hop, ambient, and IDM. EOLIAN INSTATE is this thalassic haze that floods your head. It takes your mind off any distractions you have and patten makes these songs your main concern with how calming yet trance-like they are. patten’s able to replicate a dualism between sangfroid and aggression without having to compromise maschismo in the end product. Check out EOLIAN INSTATE below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

patten’s 2010 album GLAQJO XACCSSO impressed with a psychedelic and luxurious sound that was utterly his own. 'EOLIAN INSTATE’, a new EP, announces this singular artist’s signing to electronic juggernaut Warp records. This next phase of the producer’s output is simillarly strong and mind-altering, sure to be watched keenly by those in the know, and to win new listeners in the process.

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