Ossia’s debut is like a good drink on the rocks – bold on the first sip (and many sips thereafter) and sharpened when in the throat. Red X is Ossia taking an axe to the grindstone. It starts out with something relative to a whisper but it gets louder as the play time wears on. I do enjoy the comeback of Roland machines in music as of late – I bring this up because one’s used on here. I realize any synthesizer/drum machine can do this, but the inclusion of a Roland (whether it be a 303, 404, 606, 808 or 909) gives the tracks even more of a chilling quality. Ossia uses plenty of other sound sources/instruments, though, and on the whole the single is a snowstorm slowly gaining traction. It’s gentle, but its strength comes purely from its endurance. Red X is also very influenced by dub music with its saturation in reverb and delay. Listen to a preview of Red X via the Boomkat player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Debut release from Young Echo member Ossia. 10 unyielding minutes of noise-strafed, rootical techno backed with two more abstract, uncanny studies in reverb and delay.

Recorded using - among other things - samples, Roland synth, and a rowdy one-take session with the open spring reverb thundering through echo pedals, hard delays and distortion, 'Red X' brilliantly bridges dubwise, isolationist electronics and modern soundsystem dynamics.

Screen-printed sleeve designed by Studio Tape Echo.

Price $13.27

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