RIYL: Sky Tony, Jomeo Pugz, Diamond Ortiz, Chromeo

Label: Sofa King Vinyl

Boys on Boards oozes with 80s nostalgia. From the gated reverb to the neon synth tones, Opus Science Collective has brought all the reinforcements to take you back to a simpler time…a time when cellular phones cost 3 grand and had 30 minutes of battery life.  Every shirt was Hawaiian, every mall had a Suncoast Video and every scalp was coated in Aquanet.  The EP is only 5 tracks, but OSC packs the vibes to the brim.  Skateparks at Sunset effortlessly employs the silky smooth Yamaha YC30 organ for maximum chill levels, The Girl’s Hard to Read sounds like Mike & The Mechanics workshopping a new single at JCPenney with Bruce Hornsby…and I mean that in the best way.

The EP is limited to a mere 300 copies on baby blue wax, so check out all 5 tracks below, pour yourself an ice cold glass of Crystal Pepsi and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Mastered specifically for vinyl from the original 24-bit mixes by Martin Bowes at The Cage UK and cut at 45rpm for optimal sound.
Pressed on translucent baby blue vinyl and housed in a lined-inner sleeve. Limited to 300 copies worldwide.

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Shipping out on or around July 10, 2019
Edition of 300

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Price $19.99

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