RIYL: Daniel Lopatin, Blanck Mass, Arca, James Ferraro

Label: Mute Records

Daniel Lopatin’s resume is looking pretty good these days. You could safely say he invented vaporwave, he recontextualized the 1980s into a modern palette and he took some successful stabs at film soundtracks. The studio albums he crafted as Oneohtrix Point Never, though, are what put him on the map. From the out-of-body samples and experimental loops from 2011’s Replica to the synthetic ecstasy of 2015’s Garden of Delete to the avant pop (including vocals!) from 2018’s Age Of, Lopatin is now widely recognized as one of the most exciting experimental composers in music today. No album sounds like the next, no genre is left unsniffed.

This year will see OPN’s newest full-length come to life. Titled Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, Lopatin is apparently dabbling with “maximalist baroque pop within atmospheric glitter”. Whoa. Mute Records has also stated that the new LP “loosely summons the broadcasting logic of radio dayparts, starting in the morning and ending overnight, latticed together with kaleidoscopic, twitchy transformations of sound between the dials.” Unreal. I’m so excited to hear this whole thing!

The variants of this one are plentiful, so grab the prettiest or rarest colorway below. The ‘buy’ link takes you to the orange vinyl on Mute Records’ store page.

Rough Trade exclusive (clear vinyl) limited to 300:
US – https://www.roughtrade.com/us/oneohtrix-point-never/magic-oneohtrix-point-never
UK – https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/oneohtrix-point-never/magic-oneohtrix-point-never/lp-plus-x2-2

Turntable Lab exclusive (magenta vinyl) limited to 750:
Oneohtrix Point Never: Magic Oneohtrix Point Never (Colored Vinyl) Vinyl 2LP – Turntable Lab Exclusive – LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER – PRE-ORDER

Newbury Comics exclusive (salmon vinyl) limited to 500:
Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Exclusive 2LP

Indie Store exclusive (yellow vinyl):
(or call your local store)



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OCTOBER 30, 2020

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Price $27.99

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