Laws is like a fine reduction, removing all of the usual elements that fill up space the entire running time of a song and just accentuating all the usual accents. The saying “less is more” applies here, and while Yngwie Malmsteen disagrees with that statement, it’s all too applicable. Octavius created something chilling and seedy. Laws is something that’s almost devoid of emotion. Whenever vocals enter the fold (whether they be rapped or distorted almost beyond any recognition), they’re jarring and contribute to the alienating atmosphere Laws exudes; they’re more than just another layer to the cake. Laws, whether you like it or don’t, will leave an impression on you. It channels elements of trip-hop, but it’s not as bombastic. You could call this experimental hip-hop, but I feel like Laws goes beyond that label. If you want something that will feel like you’re wading in dirty bath water, this album’s calling you. Listen to Laws below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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