It’s 2015 and the 1980s are chic. Acéphale‘s releases are few and far between, but quality over quantity as they say. After some Googling, it appears that this is Null’s debut physical release but I could very well be wrong; feel free to prove me wrong in the comments section below. Anyway, the two minute preview we get from Null is enough to send you back to an embellished time of neon and woozy analog synthesizers. Null’s preview contains a synthetic female voice, with a heavy German accent, presenting Null as Null Electronic Corporation so this could very well be a group of people; again, I could very well be wrong. Information is scarce on Null at the moment, but he/she/they has/have another single aside from this on Bandcamp which you can listen to below. So far, I’m liking the ominous ambiance Null’s giving off. Check out the video preview below via YouTube and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited Edition of 1000

500 Ultraclear Vinyl
First 150 Ultraclear with Silver Splatter (Webstore Only)
High Gloss Sleeve w/ Metallic "Security Sticker"
Download Card

1. 40
2. Mothering
3. Back 2 Normal, Almost
4. Luv U, Luv Me
5. Oil Run
6. Ronde Interstellaire
7. Dhash

Price $15

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