Plot Defender is an amalgamation of synthesizer “squelches” (as A Number of Small Things puts it) and primitive drum machine rolls that sound like they’ve been nearly destroyed and retrieved from a garbage compactor – it sounds filthy, yet it’s enjoyable to listen to. This is Nochexxx’s third album and the producer behind the name has been operating since the late 90s. Plot Defender is that throwback to 80s kitsch that you didn’t even know you needed until now. This album finely walks the line between being a bastard of John Carpenter, Ekoplekz and… maybe, to some extent, Whirling Hall of Knives. Plot Defender is the soundtrack to the midnight crusades you live out in your dreams. Nochexxx’s equipment sounds like it’s going to croak at any minute and you can tell he squeezes out every last droplet he can to give you the perfect cocktail of God knows what. Listen to a preview by clicking through the Buy Now link below or via the Boomkat player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


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The Details

Dave Henson has been producing electronic music on the fringes of any discernible scene since the late 90s, operating outside of the boundaries of good taste and slowly formulating his own very particular sound.

Since 2010 he’s been recording as Nochexxx, and firing the influence of vintage electro and early bleep techno through an arsenal of barely-working gear to result on a sound that’s a grubby as Wolf Eyes but with the unmistakable slap of late ‘80s Detroit.

‘Plot Defender’ is Henson’s third proper album under the Nochexxx moniker, and is his most developed to date, anchored by clattering tape-distorted rhythms and synth squelches that make the TB-303 sound well-mannered.

Whether giving the nod to Incunabula on ‘Between Two Stations’ or to the masters Drexciya on ‘Stinson Fish’, Henson’s vision is never anything but unique, offering a cracked-glass vision of the last few decades of electronic music and doing so with a very British nod to camera.

Anyone who fell in love with recent transmissions from Ekoplekz would do well to investigate.

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