We’ve all agreed since around 1998 that music has the right to children.  Now, almost 2 decades later, the children of the night make music.  Nick Huntington, well-known for his stunning and sublime work as Freescha, is still thriving and striving under different aliases.  Night Sequels, like his work in Freescha, tips the hat to the haunting, faded tinkerings of Boards of Canada.  Where artists like Ulrich Schnauss and Tycho took their BoC inspirations to warmer palettes and downtempo grooves, Nick Huntington focused on the warped, malformed drone side.

Freescha, for the unfamiliar, was a gorgeous undertaking full of dark, melancholy synth layers, but in Night Sequels, Huntington lets the light shine through the cracks in his cavern.  The vinyl looks as stunning as the bonus tracks sound (which you can hear below).  The vintage aesthetic in the synth tones remind me of some of my favorite movies as a kid growing up in the 80s.  Explorers, Starman, Flight of the Navigator and The Last Starfighter, even if they didn’t age that well, tread through significantly cerebral topics through a childlike lens.  I can hear that abandon and joy in Night Sequels.

If you love t-shirt bundles, those are also available after the ‘buy’ link.  And hey…glow-in-the-dark covers!


The Details

This Package Includes:
* 2 Pieces of 180 Gram Colored Vinyl (Hot Pink Magenta/Milky Clear and Aqua Blue/White).
* A Two Pocket Tip-on Gatefold Sleeve with a UV Gloss Varnish.
* Glow-In-The-Dark Ink on the Front Cover Art.
* One 18"x 24" Poster of the Inner Gatefold Artwork.
* A Digital Copy of the Album w/a Digital Gatefold of the Album Art.
* Night Sequels Ringtones.
* Two Bonus Tracks Exclusive to the Attacknine Bandcamp Store

*Packages are expected to start shipping around the last week of September or the first week of October.
**Vinyl colors in the Package display are an approximation of the final product.
***T Shirts sometimes ship separately.
****Vinyl is Limited to 250 Pieces across all Package Options.

Price $30

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