Sly Vinyl favorite Ted Feighan, aka Monster Rally, has a limited edition single coming out via Singles Club – a record club and a digital magazine. Here’s the catch, though – if you want the clear 7″, you’re going to have to subscribe to their magazine. If you do subscribe though, it seems like they give you your money’s worth. You get the 7″, four issues of their magazine, a 45 adapter, a pin, a bonus item in each issue (this first issue is going to have a limited edition poster designed by Ted Feighan), a 45 box, early shipping and best of all shipping is FREE. If none of that interests you, you could always just get the regular black version for only $8 but I don’t think that’s a limited item. Admittedly, this is the first time I’ve come across Singles Club but they certainly seem like something to check in to. For $55, all of that can be yours. As far as I know there’s no audio preview at the moment, but if you happen to find one feel free to post it in the comments below. Cheers!

The Details

A one year subscription to Singles Club gets you the works. Simply put, it's the most bang for your buck. Four issues, delivered straight to your door, shipping included. All new subscriptions for 2015 will begin with Issue 5 featuring Monster Rally. And remember, subscribers get their hands on each release up to two weeks early!

Subscribing between issues? Don't fret, you decide which issue you'd like to start with!

Subscription Includes:

• 4 Issues
• Signature Singles Club 45 box to house our releases
• Singles Club 45 adapter to play each issue
• Limited Edition Clear Vinyl 7"
• SC Pin
• Bonus Item in each Issue (Limited poster designed and printed by Ted Feighan)
• Early shipping
• Free Shipping, starts shipping Spring 2015

Price $55

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