RIYL: Dreamwave | Sythpop

Label: Future 80's Records

Limited Blue Vinyl LP

“Hi, I’m MIDNIGHT DRIVER and I present you my new album D I S C O T E K. It merges Synthwave with Post-Disco in an explosive mix you’ve not heard before. It took an year and a half for this project to mature and reach it’s final form so now is the right time to be shown to you, the retrowave public.”

“D I S C O T E K is energy, melancholy and fun. It’s an album meant to carry you through various decades of retro-futuristic emotions. D I S C O T E K  is a homage to the PAST, an escape from the PRESENT and a glance into the FUTURE. Enjoy it and SEE YA on the neon grid!”

Price $17

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