Whenever I see the word “splice” nowadays, my mind always jumps to BioShock and the wonderful undersea world of Rapture. I’ve probably played the first BioShock seven or eight times through and if you’ve got some time to kill, it’s not a bad option if I do say so myself. The story’s not excruciatingly long either – if you know the ropes, you can finish the entire game in eight hours or less. Now, I didn’t bring up BioShock solely because of the presence of the word “splice,” but that this album reminds me of that leaky hellhole in the dark abyss it lies in. metasplice evokes that feeling of being in a cave, or in my case Rapture, where the ceilings constantly drip with tainted water, where you can’t get a breath of fresh air and there’s this unshakeable feeling of claustrophobia. metasplice, most of all, gives you a feeling that there’s danger waiting around the corner. Listen to metasplice below via the Bandcamp stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

8 track 2xLP housed in a full color wide spine sleeve

Mastered by Alex Nagle

Released via _bruxist

Price $23

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