To our vegan readers: steer clear of this. Do you remember that small hubbub a few years back when you heard about some guy making a song after following a pig from its birth until its death? If I remember correctly, Herbert was actually able to use the blood as an instrument somehow (or maybe I’m confusing that with the cloth that was dyed in the blood which comes with the 7″). I can’t even recall where I heard about it, but the point is… is limited and even after a few years, they still have copies to unload which is lucky for us. This is a release that might be coveted fifty years from now, due to the completely unorthodox and unusual nature surrounding it. On top of that, if you keep that blood dyed cloth around… you can say you own part of one of the instruments.

The Details

A 7" single featuring the tracks: Matthew Herbert "One Pig: a life in 3 minutes" Matthew Herbert "November" (Micachu Remix) *Package also includes a piece of cloth dipped in the blood of the one pig.

Price $8.88

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