Ok, admittedly, I forgot to post about this earlier in the year, but that means it’s had time to sit with me for a while and let me tell you – it’s fabulous! All of the remixes, save for one, clock in at over 6 minutes. Matthew Dear’s curation, in regards to his published remixes, is absolutely superb. All of them hold true to the original formula of “Fighting is Futile,” but each remix gives the song its own identity. When I say that, all of the remixes are careful not to introduce too many foreign elements to the song’s contents to the point where the song is no longer recognizable, save for a heavily malformed verse, which seems to be a common theme among remixes. Dear’s voice, to the guitar and bass lines, are recycled artfully and adroitly. Just a warning (and if you care) – this release does NOT come with a download card. Other than that, this comes highly recommended from me. Cheers!

The Details

Vinyl Notes
12" standard weight black vinyl, limited to 600 units worldwide
Vinyl is protected in a white paper dust sleeve inserted into a 2-panel original art jacket with a matte finish
Artwork and design by Michael Cina
No download card with this release
Ghostly founder, production maestro and experimental pop visionary Matthew Dear breaks out a roll call of remixers for the release of "Fighting is Futile," the third single off his acclaimed album Beams. The single comes accompanied by four remixes, each holding a mirror to the original and refracting it into a surfeit of fascinating new forms.

Seth Troxler's mix accentuates the original's outro, building it into a strange, dreamlike journey that echoes the song's "Take a trip on something else" refrain. Bulgarian producer KiNK places the highlight firmly on the track's bottom end, stripping the song down to its pulsing bassline and insistent kickdrum, before slowly building it back up into a brooding dancefloor filler.

Ghostly labelmates and DFA affiliates Benoit and Sergio, meanwhile, launch the track into a spaced-out interzone of echo-laden vocals and slow, intricate synth textures. And finally, the aptly-named Laid Back remix drops the tempo and reinvents the track as a sort of post-millenial dubplate, placing Dear's vocals over a slowed-down funk groove and atmospheric effects. As a whole, the single functions as an exploration of the possibilities inherent in a single track, and a celebration of one of the standout moments of Beams.

Price $10

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