RIYL: NIN, Berlin-era Bowie, Audion, Junior Boys

Label: Ghostly International

Insta alert.  Matthew Dear, the Prince of Ghostly International, just announced his first album since 2012’s Beams, a crowning achievement in electronic music.  Dear’s lower register croon mimicked (but certainly not aped) a fiery mane Berlin-era Bowie on his ‘cocaine, milk and peppers’ diet.  There’s also an experimental bent to Dear’s version of pop music, another similarity between him and the Duke.  Always immense and expansive in his sound, alien field recordings collide into driving, pulsating rhythms while still sounding genuinely human.  Matthew Dear makes electronic music for people who don’t really like or understand electronic music.  He’s one of the best, plain and simple.

Ghostly International has 1500 copies of Bunny on splatter vinyl, and while I don’t think they’ll sell out in a day, they absolutely will sell out.  His fanbase has exponentially increased since Beams and the limited vinyl is gonna fly.  Check out the two new tracks below and grab a slab after the ‘buy’ link.  As a side note, Ghostly’s newly-designed website makes me want to break something.

The Details

"Some bands have retired and come back in the amount of time since my last album."

Rainbow splattered vinyl is limited to 1500 units worldwide
Vinyl is inserted in to printed inner sleeves

Price $23

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