When the steak ain’t living up to the hype, sometimes you need to add a little brown sauce.  The same could be said around 11:45 pm at the club downtown after your third overpriced, watered-down vodka tonic, and the DJ’s cooking up  another Lil’ Jon extended mix medley.  Sometimes, you just need a little Marcus Marr.  Of course, this is the kind of dance music that plays at the abandoned warehouse down the street from the club.  It’s the music that was played in the basement of Studio 54 where the drugs were as hard as the busboys.

The pulsating bass lines in these two tracks sound like a speedfreak’s heart rate after a couple of bumps in both nostrils, and the thick, oily backbeat adds enough gloss to wax your 78′  Chrysler LeBaron twice over.  It’s the perfect marriage of glitz and grit.  A dangerous dance it is, but if thrusting your pelvis around ain’t your thing…throw the vinyl onto the turntable while you eat a sandwich.

The Details

PREORDER ITEM SHIPS JAN 20. We have a limited number of copies available on Brown Vinyl. Move quick.

DFA is pleased to announce the long-awaited followup to Marcus Marr’s acclaimed 2013 single “The Music”.

These two tracks are a taste of what we can expect in the future from Marcus Marr, who will be releasing his debut album on DFA in 2015.

Track List:
Brown Sauce

Price $10.99

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