Mängelexemplar are a German throwback synth-pop duo, consisting of Lilli B. and Joa H and while they sound like they were plucked right out of the cold wave era, they cropped up rather recently. Mängelexemplar’s debut album released three years ago and Heim und Garten makes their sophomore release. It’s hard to believe they’re actually a new group and this isn’t just plucked from archival material. Frenetic analog synth waves/chimes and crisp drum machines populate the grooves and as a forewarning, since this can be a “turn-off” for some, Mängelexemplar don’t really speak any English. Save for “Minimal Sound,” where pretty much the only English you hear is “minimal sound” repeated, they sing in German. If you’re German/Austrian/Swiss/just speak the language, then this obviously presents no problem to you… however, I thought I’d point this out since most of you readers are from North America. There are plenty of songs and from the preview, none seem to drag – their average BPM is up to snuff with the most coked-out of club goers’ expectations. Listen to the preview by clicking through the Buy Now link and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Synth Wave Duo MängelExemplar from Düsseldorf creates analogue and melodic New Wave Sound in an early 80's style.

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