RIYL: TRON-era Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Disasterpeace

Label: Electric Dream Records

“the future past. lights on a horizon. blood in your veins. old visions. low frequencies fading across night. the roar of the masses. the reflection of bulbs overhead, on printed plastic and steel. a fight to survive, all or nothing. shadow circuit.” – MAVS

2017 was a big year for Makeup + Vanity Set, releasing the cinematic full-length Brigador Volume II as well as two EPs, Syncro and Chrome, both stacked to the brim with heart-pumping audio porn in their own right.  Similar to electro-soundtrack OG John Carpenter and newer faces like Disasterpeace and Le Matos, Makeup + Vanity Set are radically visual with their music.  You can hear a story unfolding, the faceless shadowy figure in the doorway, the highway chase scene and everything else in between leading up to the final resolution.

Shadow Circuit shows MAVS experimenting with a different set of synth tones.  The sci-fi blips and pulsating beats are still firmly intact, but there are a few more glistening late 80s keyboards in the mix.  Some of the tracks are just iiiiinches from vaporwave.  Super enjoyable listen all the way through.  Check out the entire album below, but be quick about it because there are less than 40 copies left.

The Details

Makeup and Vanity Set's "Shadow Circuit"
45RPM pressed on 180G heavyweight black vinyl.
Mastered specifically for vinyl by Dynatron.
Original artwork + direction by Caspar Newbolt.
Limited to only 300 copies, includes download card!
350gsm premium jacket with black inner flood printing.
No pre-order! In stock and ships NOW!!

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Price $23

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