Oh, how cold and lifeless art thou¬†1’s and 0’s, all ye midi files and Fruity Loops, Roland D-50s and 808s…harbingers of plastic disconnect. ¬†At first glance, the future of synthetic music would seem bleak and even unimaginative, but when its potential is¬†fully realized,¬†the authenticity¬†and intimacy in the music is as real as the warmth¬†of your hand. ¬†Makeup and Vanity Set make that kind of electronic music.

With the help of Jasmin Kaset on first available track Hand in Hand, the group embarks on a sci-fi concept album about outliving death through technology. ¬†It’s a bold and even plausible future considering our intellectual progress within the last 100 years alone, but could our advancements end up doing more harm than good? ¬†Are we developing or devolving? ¬†Perhaps Wilderness has an answer for us.

Fans of Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush and Niki and the Dove should bend an ear, cop a listen and shell out some currency. ¬†Space…the vinyl frontier.

The Details

‚Ä£ Double LP set housed in heavy gatefold sleeve designed by Caspar Newbolt of Version Industries

‚Ä£ Includes a digital download of Eidolon; A short film by Joey Ciccoline

‚Ä£ Also includes a two sided 11" x 17" poster insert

‚Ä£ Limited to 250 copies worldwide

‚Ä£ Black vinyl

Price $30

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