What you’re going to get on this self-titled split single is absolutely classic sounding house. The jungle-sounding drums compliment the synthesized piano chords, along with the vocal sampling, extremely well. Magic Touch has only been around for two years so I imagine he’s got plenty of life left in him regarding new material. Not Not Fun / 100% Silk now Planet Mu mainstay Ital (not to be confused with Ital Tek) on the B-Side gets the remix treatment from Magic Touch on his song “From A Dream” and Magic Touch dresses it up with his disco flavor. Apparently, its first time around it sold out quick but if you happened to miss it, now’s your chance to right your wrong. For $9, I would say it’s a fair price considering how limited this thing now is. Have a listen to this 12″ via the Soundcloud player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


Instantly OOP classic split between Mi Ami’s two crucial halves, now back in stock for a limited time. Magic Touch and Ital on tour in China this spring.

Price $9

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