RIYL: Atari Teenage Riot, Death Grips, Nero's Day at Disneyland

Label: Orange Milk Records

Matt Stephenson’s impossible-to-define electronic experiment known as Machine Girl has perplexed and excited the internet seekers and musical mathematikers since its inception somewhere around the turn of the 2010s. Instead of trying to explain how I feel about Machine Girl and his debut 2014 full-length Wlfgrl, I’m going to let a collection of YouTube comments take the reins…

“If this album had a scent it would be the inside of a rubber Halloween mask.”
“When Satan challenges you to Dance Dance Revolution.”
“When you pissed the bed as a kid and didnt tell your parents and just kept pissing.”
“What ice cream on Jupiter tastes like.”
“This album feels like eating candy right after someone just beat the shit out of you.”
“This album sounds like when you accidentally hit your nose a bit hard and it feels funny for a moment.”
“This is going to be the future popular genre of music.”
“Machine Girl is neither a machine, a wolf, nor even a girl. My life is ruined. 0/10.”

After 7 years, Wlfgrl is finally coming to vinyl. At 3 PM EST on Monday, August 9th, Orange Milk Records will be putting the album up for sale. I have no idea how many will be pressed or if there will be colored variants, but I suggest being ready to pounce on that ‘buy’ link below when the time comes. In the meantime, listen to the album below and keep the ibuprofen within an arm’s length.

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"This is definitely one of the albums on the internet"
- lemonhscott

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Price $32

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