RIYL: Suicide, No Age, Battles

Label: Liars

Since their first jarring post-punk metamorphosis with 2004’s They Were Wrong So We Drowned, the world learned that Liars 1) don’t cater to your expectations, and 2) work best in their own discomfort.  In a 2014 interview, frontman Angus Andrew stated that the moment he became too comfortable with a particular instrument, he’d scrap it and force himself to learn a new one, promoting his ever-evolving joy for experimentation.  With the newest album TFCF, Liars face their biggest challenge yet, their first endeavor without founding member Aaron Hemphill.

After months of cryptic Facebook videos and strange acronyms, Liars have finally pounced today with a new track and a preorder link.  The first pressing appears to be on limited red vinyl, but there’s also a deluxe package with an alternate cover made of sand and leaves (seriously) and an entire other set of songs on another disc made specifically for this vinyl edition.  If your curiosity compels, you can grab that set for $60, but if red vinyl is enough to satisfy your thirsty record shelf, then you can cop that for a cool $23.  Check out newest single Cred Woes below.

The Details

Limited Edition Deluxe Double Vinyl - 1000 copies only
Limited edition deluxe double vinyl featuring TFCF on red vinyl plus an addition piece of vinyl which includes unreleased music created especially for the 420 Estuary Angler Edition.
This deluxe version is packaged to reflect the environment the album was recorded in, the design incorporates leaves and sand. 2 pieces of sandpaper have been hand branded Liars TFCF and attached to the sleeve. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Pre-order now to receive the first instant grat track 'Cred Woes'.
Album includes a download code to all the music in high definition audio.

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Price $22.98

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