Trensmat and the word “crazy” are synonymous. Every release Trensmat has dropped has been balls to the wall in its display of bravado and experimentation. Every release Trensmat has curated has never fallen neatly in to a box and with this Larynx Tompkins single, the story’s no different. How to describe On The Hoof… if Death Grips went to a strictly electronic route might be a good place to start. It’s booming, it’s violent, it’s brash – it doesn’t knock to come in to the party, it lays waste to the door with a battering ram. The productions are covered in filth, and bring you down in to the trenches of the club floor. Larynx Tompkins gives you a glimpse of the underbelly and guides you under the odorous haze of sweat and cheap (or criminally overpriced…) liquor. Keep low though, unless you want to be caught up in the suffocating chaos too. Listen to a preview of On The Hoof via the SoundCloud stream below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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Stamped white label in stickered disco bag sleeve.

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