Lakker have been out of action for quite some time – almost a decade. Their debut full-length, Ruido, came out back in 2007. Tundra, their sophomore release and latest effort, released back in May and somehow there’s a whopping seven copies remaining on their shelves – if you hate reading what I have to say, just get to that Buy Now button and don’t look back. Tundra is a polar bear’s heartbeat with sinister spirits holding its very life in the balance. As you listen to this, Lakker pushes themselves away from you, the listener, as much as possible. Tundra is clearly their journey in to the frigid wasteland and you’re along for the ride. If you don’t feel like listening to the whole thing to get a sense of whether this is for you, I’d recommend “Milch” to start with. “Milch,” arguably their most popular track off of this, takes to sampling these haunting, wordless (perhaps they’re in a foreign language – forgive my ignorance) vocals, and the bass thumps and pulses without any regard to their existence. It pounds and pounds away at your ear drums until they are on the verge of dust. The bass is a marauder throughout Tundra; it’s just cavalier. Listen to Tundra below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

- Limited edition splatter vinyl double LP
- Mastered by Matt Colton
- Artwork by Eileen Carpio

Price $24.27

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