Finally Clay Pipe Music has started the direct pre-order for the new Jon Brooks vinyl. it’s much more minimal and personal than his last one, but as beautiful as his debut “Shapwick”. listen to the preview song below, if you like early minimal electronic music. it’s all very slow, sad and gentle, a perfect home listen.

If you’re in the USA, you can order the record from Experimedia soon. be fast, because i’m sure, that it will sell out soon.

Jon Brooks returns to Clay Pipe after 2012’s sell out ‘Shapwick’. ’52’ sees Jon taking a gentle side step away from his Advisory Circle work for Ghost Box, into more personal and reflective territory.
Inspired by his Grandmothers’ house, synth-laden and atmospheric ’52’ contains 14 aural memories of the house and garden.

Morning Window
The Mezzanine
Fibre Optics
Pond i
All The Way From Leafield
December Trees

The Back Room
Walk In Store
Pond ii
Wax Lemons
Whispering Glass
End Of The Corridor

The Details

Jon Brooks '52' is available to pre-order - LPs will be dispatched on or about the 13th October.

£14.99 + P&P

If you are based in the USA Experimedia will be stocking it soon.

Price $24.13

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