A Number of Small Things plays host to some of the more odd and experimental records on the market today. This record in particular is a reissue of sorts from John Lacey, an English artist who performed in COUM which is an art collective formed around, a name you might know, Genesis P-Orridge. Lacey acted as COUM’s technical director, and the group itself was formed in 1969 and (I presume) was extinguished in the 1970s.

The description A Number of Small Things has for this is a bit vague as to what exactly belongs to who and not all the tracks are available for preview on the site. Boomkat, on the other hand, has three of the tracks available for preview but that still leaves one missing; I’ve linked their player below this. If anything, this record is a glimpse in to the world of primitive electronic music and the results are a bit creepy. Check out some of the tracks below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

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The Details

John Lacey is an important player in British electronic music and conceptual performance art; he was an early collaborator with Chris Carter, part of COUM Transmissions and collaborator with Chris & Cosey’s CTI.
Under the pseudonym John Gunni Busck, he was involved in co-devising a number of projects in the mid- 1970s within the music and performance art collective COUM (formed around Genesis P-Orridge), acting as the group’s technical director.
Running concurrently to COUM was John’s own group, Vacuum Productions. It was within Vacuum that John began to collaborate with Chris Carter, aiding each other in their live multimedia shows (Waveforms and The Missing Thinker), as well as creating soundtracks for John’s films. It was John that introduced Chris to Genesis and Cosey Fanni Tutti and we all know what happened next...!
Armed with his homebuilt synthesiser, tone generators and a delay unit he created the live soundtrack for the COUM Transmission “Music for Stocking Top, Swing and Staircase”. The performance took place on the 1st October 1974 at the Gulbenkian Hall, Royal College of Art, London and lasted twelve hours. The recording was captured in less than ideal circumstances (a portable cassette deck) with little bits of tape warble, hiss and external sounds appearing in this abbreviated edition, in keeping with the spirit of COUM.
The music itself creates an evocative atmosphere and is at times hauntingly beautiful, providing an alternate glimpse into the work of COUM.

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