RIYL: indietronica in the vein of Khonnor, Her Space Holiday, Lymbyc Systym, and Dntel

Label: Delsin Records

John Beltran’s thirteenth full-length (you read that right) Everything At Once will bring you back to the 90s and early aughts where you could hear (or hear about) a plethora of IDM and indietronica. Everything At Once will remind you of the gentler side that Aphex Twin shows and the twinkling tracks that Dntel and Khonnor put out that sound ready for an Apple commercial. Heck, you might be reminded of early M83 here and there. Everything At Once carries seventeen tracks and it’s looking like length will not be something skimped out on. You’ll also get to hear dabbling with post-rock and downtempo on here. Everything At Once sounds like a nostalgia bomb for us now aging hipsters, and a welcome time capsule to the newest generation of hipster kids. Beltran’s got 25 years behind him in his career now, and this will no doubt go down as one of his strongest efforts. Listen to a preview of Everything At Once below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Michigan producer, sound designer and composer John Beltran's 13th full length is his third on Delsin and it arrives in Autumn 2016. Entitled Everything At Once, it features 17 tracks melting 90s intelligent techno with post rock and ambient with leftfield downtempo.

Beltran is an ambient master who has had his music licensed to TV shows and various compilations as well as releasing genre defining album on labels like Peacefrog. In 2014 he put out a single on Four Tet’s Text Records and the reception to its experimental broken beats (likened at the time to the likes of Aphex Twin and Autechre, who in turn have inspired Beltran) was the inspiration for this new album.

Although you will hear the tropes of 90's intelligent techno here, it also bottles up post rock and ambient as well as a cover of Kraftwerk's 'Tanzmuzik'. The title makes reference to the fact that this album embodies every different strand of the Beltran sound, and it is his first ever to be written on all analogue gear owing to the fact that, despite loving the work of analogue producers Brian Eno, New Order and Tangerine Dream, he first started out in the early years of the digital revolution.

Fast forward more than 25 years and it's analog boards that have become the affordable and desirable technology, so John now uses almost mostly modular synthesizers in his productions, along with some signature digital pads and strings that have famously become his staple.

All in all Everything At Once is John's sound come full circle. Encompassing many different emotional moments and sound designs that are some of the most detailed and thought out of his 25 year career, this album is his most complete and coherent artistic statement and, in his own words, is "the best story I've ever told".

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