Happy Thanksgiving to our stateside readers! I hope you’re all having a good day and have some great things planned with your loved ones. I figured I’d write something up since I have a little time. Jlin’s Free Fall is the footwork producer’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut Dark EnergyFree Fall is exclusively available from Jlin’s home label Planet Mu and from UK-based distributor Boomkat. As an aside, this may or may not be the first juke related record that’s been written up on Sly… Juke/footwork/ghetto house (whatever you would like to call it) started out in Chicago and didn’t really reach outside of it, until recently with the release of records such as Dark Energy and DJ Rashad’s Double Cup. Free Fall‘s four tracks give you a good taste of what juke is if you’re unfamiliar with it – highly chopped up samples composed around breakneck drum & synthesizer sequencing. Listen to Free Fall by clicking through the Buy Now link and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

What a year it's been for Jlin - her debut album 'Dark Energy' was released to massive critical acclaim at the start of April - which put her firmly on the map as one of 2015's most exciting producers.

Her DJ debut was at New York's MoMA PS1 in August and her live debut will be at Unsound festival this October. She also produced the music for fashion shows by Chanel, Adidas and Rick Owens.

The 'Free Fall' EP is her last release of the year and shows a transition from the 'Dark Energy' material; the cartoonish hysteria of 'Eu4ria' and the industrial strength drums and hoover stabs of 'I Am The Queen' show a ravier side, more of a nod to the dancefloor than on her debut album. These are followed by 'BuZilla' a tribute to and re-version of her mentor RP Boo's 'Heavy Heat', with the track chopped into even more jagged shapes than the original. The EP ends on brand new track 'Nandi' which is the first fruit of new experiments exploring a deeper, more poised new sound.

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