Phil Tortoroli, aka James Place, defines his music as “midnight material”.  Perhaps that means the state of mind your brain enters when it’s not quite awake, but not quite asleep.  It’s that grey landscape where your thoughts collide into the back corner of your dormant psychosis, where there are no rules, where there is no gravity…a state of statelessness.

Living on Superstition dances around that tension.  High Rise (Rainier) nervously flutters like an R.E.M. cycle at 4 AM, warbling and murmuring like the conversations you heard the day before, dissipating into nothingness.  This could quite possibly be the sound babies hear in utero, a sound so heavy that it’s peaceful.  Give in and let it take you somewhere.

The Details

LP limited to 300 copies pressed on white vinyl. Packaged in an uncoated stock jacket with double sided insert, black polylined inner sleeve, and free download coupon. This is a pre-order for February 24th street date. All orders containing Living on Superstition will ship by the street date.

Price $17

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