Danish producer Jakob Skøtt’s proper debut “Doppler” reminds me of Boards of Canada or Com Truise, in the sense that he invokes a lot of late 70s/early 80s woozy sounding synth soundtracks to educational videos you used to watch in school. He’s worked with fellow Dane Jonas Munk (aka Manual, whom I posted about the other day), members of Tortoise and more. Apparently, this LP released early last summer so I’m a little surprised there’s still copies of this left for sale. It is a little pricey, with the conversion rate of the Euro factored in, along with shipping costs. As far as the genre goes, I’m not really sure where to place “Doppler.” It’s far too aggressive to be considered ambient/techno like Boards of Canada’s material, and it’s too slow to be considered IDM. Alas, check out the Spotify stream of the album below and see what you think of it.

The Details

Doppler is the as-of-yet most conceptual album of El Paraiso Records ‘Impetus’-series, which is the labels imprint of improvisation and chance collaborations. On Doppler, Jakob Skøtt utilizes two synthesizers and a chain of effects. That’s it. This may sound like a tedious exercise, but for an album mostly spliced together by layers and layers of first takes and unexpected real-time peaks and turns, there is a unique sense of both structure and texture filling these vibrant tracks.
Although relying heavily on synchronisation (the most important source of sound being a Prophet 600, the first polyphonic-synth to implement the midi-synchronisation signal), every track constantly shifts and turns in unexpected ways. Sometimes creeping drones seamlessly leave heavy pulsations behind in the dust, other times abruptly blending melodies into strange permutations of polyrhythms, never quite settling back into any sort of pattern. An organic element being a constant presence in these tracks.
The closest reference to this sort of music is of course the school of german Kosmiche: Cluster, Kraftwerk, Harmonia, etc. But the strains of John Carpenter & Steve Reich individual brands of modulation & repetition is just as clearly apparent throughout the album. Topped off with an overall psychedelic tone ala Can or Soft Machine.
Besides drumming in respected stoner-psych outfit Causa Sui, Jakob Skøtt has been involved in a wide varage of projects. Including drum duties for Limp (Morr Music) & Chicago Odense Ensemble (featuring Jeff Parker & Rob Mazurek of Tortoise, etc.). Jakob also operates as the noted shoegaze-duo Syntaks alongside his girlfriend Anna (Ghostly International). Furthermore, Jakob is the one responsible for the El Paraiso visual shtick, as well as having done exclusive live visuals for such acts as Amon Düül II, Acid Mothers Guru, actress Asia Argento & the Roadburn festival.
Impetus implies movement. The doppler effect is soundwaves shifting in pitch as the listener approaches it: Manipulation of sound thru the use of space!

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