Back with his umpteenth release in the span of only five years, it’s Jacob Korn with his third EP misleadingly titled EP1. Dresden, Germany label Uncanny Valley has a plethora of limited vinyl which I will hopefully get to covering as the days go on. Before I go on, I’d like to give a shout-out to Conrad Kaden from the label for informing me of this important fact – everything they release on vinyl is limited. It all ranges from 300 to 500, he said and they have sold out plenty of their releases already. It looks like I’ll be playing quite a bit of catch-up but if you’d like to press forward and peruse their wares, feel free. To put it simply, Jacob Korn’s EP1 strikes a similarity to early Toro y Moi, any vaporwave artist you can think of (more so on “Kokosnuss”) or any 100% Silk release I’ve written up on here. If an aquatic, woozy, brand of house strikes your fancy, check out the Bandcamp player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Jacob Korn is back! After Uncanny Valley released his acclaimed debut album in 2012, he has been busy playing live, remixing, extending his studio and of course producing loads of new music. The first results arrive as EP1 just in time for summer followed up by EP2 later this year.
Jacob has always had a knack for producing distinctive House tracks that cause a stir on the dance floor. With EP1 he proves that he hasn’t lost any of his skills. On “Eisladen” he works a killer Highlife guitar sample and a synth-heavy break into a track that will put a lot of hands in the air this summer. “Arzt im Praktikum” starts with powerful cowbell-driven drumming and as soon as the devastating rave chords drop, the dance floor is turned upside down without a warning.
On the flipside we start with the graceful “Fahrt durch Tal” featuring Phillip Oertel who contributes a funky bass guitar melody. With his Midas touch, Jacob unites Philipp’s bass work with soulful vocals and spaced out strings and comes up with a contemporary Space Disco track of a special kind. Finally, we’ll get “Kokosnuss” which once again unveils Jacob’s love for cheerful hooks. With the acidic synths and the stomping drums the track almost has an old school feel to it.
The cover artwork comes courtesy of Anna Jaszpataki from Dresden.
released 28 June 2014

Price $10.92

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