ok this is anything but limited. So I know I’m breaking the rules, but damn if this isn’t a badass piece of wax you need, sooooo I’m posting it up anyways.

I’m sure you already know, but if not, get to listening.

The Details

After Dark 2 is the second compilation album of tracks performed by artists on the Italians Do It Better record label, released on May 17, 2013. Artists featured on the album are Glass Candy, Desire, Chromatics, Mirage, Appaloosa, Symmetry, Twisted Wires, Farah, and Mike Simonetti.

Tracklisting: https://prettymuchamazing.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/After-Dark-II-Tracklist.jpg

Blogpost: https://vivaitalians.blogspot.co.uk/

Thanks to Matt Hoendorf for the tip!

Price $15

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