RIYL: Basic Channel's "Mutism," Aphex Twin's ambient cuts

Label: Field Records

Delsin Records is quite the treasure trove for their own releases and as a distributor of other wonderful labels. IORI, a Japanese producer based in one of the world’s newer cultural hotspots, Berlin, presents a wispy, fuzzed out take on ambience taking cues from the likes of Basic Channel and Shinichi Atobe (whose identity is, to this day, called in to question). Like Basic Channel’s set of “Radiance” tracks, Cold Radiance flutters and flickers among the vast and seemingly infinite darkness in its sound space. Cold Radiance could be considered a distant cousin to Biosphere’s brand of “arctic ambient.” IORI has created a space virtually devoid of color and the only life left struggles to sputter onward in its primitive form. IORI wanted to create an “aerial sci-fi movie soundtrack” as “that’s the… atmosphere [he] wanted to create.” I’d say he succeeded, won’t you? Listen to a preview of Cold Radiance by clicking the Buy Now button below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Known and admired for its rich and moody ambient and techno output, Field Records is proudly presenting a brand new LP from IORI. His mesmerizing ambient excursions come on double vinyl on April 25th under the title of Cold Radiance, and the album features eight tracks that suck you right into his world.

IORI is a Japanese producer based in Berlin who takes his cues from deep and maudlin music in the Basic Channel tradition but adds his own sense of space and pace to it. He has worked on classy labels like Prologue and Semantica and TGP, putting out essential techno tracks, and this is his second LP after 2012’s Nexus on DJ Nobu’s cult label Bitta.

It was Field who asked IORI for an album of more experimental and ambient sounds away from his usual techno forms, and he was excited by the prospect. “There is no specific message”, says IORI of the album, which was written over the last year between Berlin and Okinawa. “But I was trying to make an Aerial Sci-Fi movie soundtrack as that is the kind of Atmosphere I wanted to create.”

And he sure has done that. Each track here is a long and absorbing affair that slowly unfolds and pulls you right into its grainy core. There are dark, texturally rich tracks that are full of menace as well as more heavenly, suspensory and angelic ambient offerings. There are distant drones and mutating synths, tiny bits of alien sound design and hints of real world somberness. Over all the brilliantly atmospheric LP carefully takes you up and down, pulls you in and pushes you away, and makes for a great soundtrack to an imagined movie.

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