This is a dub techno / deep house record. Some words of warning – there’s only two copies left of this, so if you like dub techno (or deep house) and you’ve got an open mind you better get to buying one (or both). Etui label boss Insect O.’s Birds Over Hong Kong is a good sampler of what he can do, even throwing in a light jungle influence on “Echoes Of Antarctica.” “Rusty” is deep house  with no strings attached and “Birds Over Hong Kong” is dub techno with a bit more activity from the drum machines than is usual in the genre. I kind of wish there were other dub techno tracks of his on this, but I suppose I can look to his other work for it – there’s not too much, though. Oddly enough, this is his first solo record since 1999 – in between 2012 (yes, 2012… that’s your explanation for why there’s only  a couple left), he’s done split releases with Pro.Ton, Matschiste and Alex Carbo. Check out Birds Over Hong Kong below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

On the 2nd release of our limited vinyl series, Etui founder Insect O. shows a more diversified musical work. The sound ranges from rough and deep techno to break beat-electronica.

Whilst you are standing on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong and looking down to the city, you see majestic birds flying around the massive skyscrapers. In this moment you can feel the harmony between the stressful city and the nature surroundings. This feeling was the inspiration for Insect O. `s “Birds over Hong Kong”. Once again he spreads his love for deep techno with spacey chords and driven beats. Marko Furstenberg, who also played in Hong Kong in 2010 made a more Detroit techno inspired remix of the track. He is well-known for his releases on Ornaments or Rotary Cocktail.

“Rusty” is like your 17 years old car with which you drive every weekend to some dark techno parties in dirty underground locations. With its straight beat and spacey organ sounds the track tells you all about rough techno. In “Echoes of Antarctica” ice cold chords combined with a yearningly pad are flying over broken beats. It is an adventure trip to one of the coldest place on earth and shows a more experimental side of Insect O.’s work.
released 18 May 2012
Written and produced by Oliver Hartmann in 2012. B2 additional produced by Marko Furstenberg in 2012.

Mastered by SALZ Mastering. Vinyl manufactured by Celebrate Records / Cometomusic. Green / black marbled vinyl limited to 300 copies.

Price $9.67

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