At press time, there’s only four of these cassettes left to order so let me just say that right off the bat. Squaregroove is an airy, cavernous, primordial electronic album clocking in at over an hour. Its aquatic nature is further depicted with each cassette having a different cover. Yes, no two covers are alike. On top of procuring a copy of Squaregroove, you’ll also receive two exclusive mixtapes from Infest himself. If you’d like to forgo buying the tape, you can potentially download his album free of charge but if you can get the tape, I don’t see why you wouldn’t. Only forty copies. Squaregroove is perfect those night drives where maybe you have the windows rolled down and there’s a light mist floating down serenely to the earth. I could also see this coming in handy if you need to just relax. Sink in to the couch for this one. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Squaregroove below and see what you think of it. Definitely recommended if you like KILN. Cheers!

The Details

Ethereal electronica and slow motion drum and bass. Designed for those that like their beats firmly rooted in sober thoughtfulness.

Infest is widely known for delivering a string of highly emotive drum and bass releases but here he steps away from 170+ BPM's to deliver a slice of moody yet hopeful electronica that serves as the perfect counterpart to his classically uptempo productions.

Experimenting outside the constraints of jungle he has discovered a new found musical freedom where he can explore live arrangements and fine tune his cinematic style of production.

Containing a diverse blend of styles this EP features stirring examples of four four rhythms accompanied by chopped breakbeats that inject character and unpredictability. Sub bass and piano loops intertwine to create moving and sentimental backdrops that are designed to comfort and reassure. Drawn out periods of atmospherics, sparse percussion and live guitar also join forces to create cinematic music for the perfectionist.

Robbert is also a talented artist and has crafted a very limited batch of cassette tapes to celebrate this release. Featuring all four Squaregrooves, eight bonus tracks and custom bespoke hand painted artwork this is a highly collectable work of art.

The tape also comes bundled with high quality FLAC downloads of all twelve tracks and two exclusive mixtapes from Infest.
released 08 September 2015

All tracks written and produced by R.Peperkamp.
Mastering by Macc.
Artwork by R.Peperkamp.

Price $9.21

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