I’d be lying if I told you that every single thing on Tranquility Tapes resonated with me, but I do have to give this to them – they’ve got the best album covers in the game. Much like Sacred BonesTranquility Tapes has a consistent theme with every cover with its geometric shapes evocative of the 90s zeitgeist; they’re all extremely pretty to look at. Despite the label’s name, they do have vinyl to share from Imperial Topaz. Full of Grace’s spirit is channeled on to the album’s cover – it’s soothing, darkly tinged and most importantly inviting. Full of Grace, much like a certain someone, is ethereal and as such, successfully separates itself from whatever environment you happen to be listening in. As per usual, I’d recommend listening to it below via the Bandcamp player to see what you think of it. It came out last year and it has yet to sell out, so perhaps you can make a significant dent. Cheers!

The Details

It's a thrill to present the full-length debut from Brooklyn's Imperial Topaz. Following a cassette EP and a split with Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Full of Grace finds the duo of Caroline Teagle and Zachary Zierden venturing into icy new territory on their most accomplished release to date. What's so striking about the album is its ability to convey a sense of mood in a way that resonates deeper with each listen. Combining lush synth melodies and sequences with downbeat drum machines and Teagle's gentle, nuanced vocal delivery, the album carries a profound sense of sadness and loss. Still, hope and shining rays of crystalline beauty constantly shimmer beneath the surface. Each song is tautly composed, yet there's a remarkable sense of space throughout that allows each verse, chorus, and instrumental element to sink in and echo deep within your psyche. Jump into the reflecting pool and let its cool waters wash over you.

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