Tape Paranoia darkles and sparkles. Noorden‘s latest release, coming via tape, is from Ikpathua. This is the producer’s full-length debut it seems, with only a single being released a few years prior. This dubby romp shines like a full moon among the endless harrowing abyss that can be the night sky. “Dark’n’moody” are what Noorden ultimately uses to describe this album filled with intrigue. It’s like Trust/TR/ST, Basic Channel, HEALTH and Yagya combined forces. The preview clocks in at just under eleven minutes but it gives you just enough of each track to get a great taste for what to expect. Friday’s a great night to go clubbing, so why not use this to get in the zone? This is a little more pricey than other cassettes I’ve written up, but you will be getting a limited edition black print as well so take that in to consideration. Listen to the preview below via the SoundCloud stream and “Tape Paranoia” in full to see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Listen to the snippets at Soundcloud:

Eight dark’n’moody EBM-/industrial-like tracks between
poltergeist-paranoia, straying in haunted houses and
dreaming of ghosts’n’goblins.
releases 08 August 2015

· Produced by Ikpathua (www.soundcloud.com/ikpathua)
·  Mastered by Manes at SALZ Mastering (www.salz-mastering.com)
·  Artwork by Alex Ketzer (www.alexketzer.com)

Price $8.79

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