Saddle Creek Records have been dabbling in dance-driven ditties for well over a decade now, and Nebraskan natives Icky Blossoms are dropping a new full-length with the label just a few days after Record Store Day this spring.  That should give you enough time to prepare your pop ‘n lock moves you used to dazzle your friends with in high school.

Their newest track In Folds blasts off with the same electro punk force that labelmates The Faint threw down in the early 2000s, but quickly shifts to sweeter-than-candy disco fuzz, a perfect combination of hovering synths, astro glide guitar licks and that sure-fire floor-pounding back beat that propels even the tightest of asses to shake what they mama gave ’em.

Fans of Chairlift, Phantogram, YACHT and other female vocal-led dance groups will love the absolute hell out of Icky Blossoms’ positive vibrations.  I suggest you pounce on that preorder before the bartender announces last call.

The Details

PLEASE NOTE: IF you placed a vinyl order, you will still receive your download on April 28 but we will not ship your order until MAY 12! Vinyl colors are approximated and finished product may vary.

Packaging includes 3D glasses to view the cover!

Price $20

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