Huerco S. made some waves last year with his debut album on Daniel Lopatin’s Software imprint, Colonial Patterns. Trying to throw a description on Huerco S. is kind of an iffy subject, but the general consensus appears to be a “woozier Boards of Canada.” I’ve seen Huerco S. termed “dub techno” but I’m not sure I’d use that label; undeniably, there are some dub techno influences though. Untitled is a reissue, courtesy of Opal Tapes and Boomkat, and with Huerco S.’s name becoming more and more recognizable, you can safely assume that his releases will be quicker to fly off the shelves. Untitled could be considered somewhat of a sound collage, but there’s a driving house rhythm that the listener can locate in each of the tracks. I’d call Untitled traditional house’s mutant cousin. The EP maintains the playfulness of the genre, but Huerco S. gives it very alien touches. Listen to Untitled below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

The fourth Boomkat Edition is also our 2nd loan from Opal Tapes (after the 1991 LP), giving a much needed vinyl issue to that knockout 'Untitled' cassette from Huerco S. blending the sort of smudge-house tropes found on NWAQ's 'The Dead Bears' or Actress's 'Hazyville' with a sidelong piece of lushest new age kosmische, it made a strong impression on our playlists and just begged to be pressed on a (slightly) more democratic format.

The likes of 'Press On (Ruff Rub)', with its suggestive moans and coos laced to warm, doped-up bass flesh and cracked Vangelis synth strokes, makes for a proper scene setter at the start or end of a night, and the tense sensuality of 'Elma (Ruff Rub)' is deep house at its most spectral, abstract, mixing elegant melodic pirouettes with coarse drums and druggy sub heft, spiking the dance with subtly sleazy intent. Drifting from the 'floor, the exquisite, BoC-like boogie massage of 'Hiromis Theme' acts as a sort of waiting room or new age interzone for the standout flipside which gives the EP its name; 20 minutes of blissfully evocative synth float starring his buddy Exael and hitting right between the eyes of early Emeralds, the lushest library records and Rachel Evans at her sanguine best.

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