HTRK’s 2009 full-length Marry Me Tonight was a pivotal moment in time for the band.  Soaked in a savage, carnal energy as much as an unpredictable and icey tension, it laid the groundwork for their inimitable sound.  Unfortunately, it would also be the last time the group would play as a trio, as Sean Stewart was found dead in 2010 from an apparent suicide.  Even more, it would be the last time the group worked with the legendary Rowland S. Howard (of The Birthday Party, Lydia Lunch, etc), who co-produced and played backup instruments.  Shortly after the album was finished, he died as well of liver cirrhosis.

Besides Marry Me Tonight being an incredible album, it hold an extra special place in the indie landscape because of the sudden and tragic denouement of a beloved coterie at the peak of their creativity.  And there were all the fans…left with a fever for more and a junkie itch.  Thankfully, the group continued on as a duo and continued making incredible electronic pelvis thrusters, and everyone lived happily ever after.

And even better, you can now own the album on vinyl.  Ghostly International is producing 500 magenta copies, and I GUARANTEE these will not last long.  Go do what ya gotsta do.

The Details

Vinyl notes:

Standard weight transparent magenta vinyl is limited to 500 copies worldwide
2-panel art sleeve printed jacket with 5mm spine on glossy stock
Features 20-page booklet with liner note essays and photos of the band

Thanks to JTG for the tip!

Price $22

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