RIYL: your bleep-bloops bathed in blood

Label: Haunter Records

Das Unheimliche is if Boards of Canada took a wrong turn after a hard night of playing until God knows when, while heading home as fast as possible after capping off their penultimate show of the tour. Das Unheimliche rolls your face around in the mud before clubbing you to death with Wasp synthesizers, Volca Basses and some 303s fashioned in to a cat-o’-nine-tails. The title card off to the left of the cover is reminiscent of the title cards seen in the (in)famous series Neon Genesis Evangelion, so perhaps this helps lend to the album’s dark ambiance some. Just like Evangelion, the progression finds the work getting even more confusing and ferocious with “Gemello Di Te Stesso” as the cherry to top it all off – consider it a happy ending, or don’t. If you were wanting a sweaty romp in the dark of night, this is for you. Listen to Das Unheimliche below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The mind often feels compelled to battle. It is a struggle that comes from within, against the armored braces of power and control that shape what we’re used to call “I”. In these terms, it is sometimes more useful to help your nemesis take human form, to let it operate freely and forever disrupt your own security. That’s what Davide Carbone did when he let Honzo out, unleashing his hidden side, the bringer of neurotic acid noise and diagonal beats. For the Das Unheimliche miniLP, his first Haunter release, the evil twin offers a window on his own habitat, a familiar yet unsettling world of confusion, where the observer’s own identity and finiteness are questioned. The more its inhabitants look human, the scarier they feel. Carbone’s goal is not to escape it, rather to communicate with them, mastering their language of angst.

Coherently with these premises, Das Unheimliche comes in two different versions: the 12” focusses on Honzo’s harder techno edge, while the tape features a whole additional side of abstraction and noise.
released February 25, 2015

Written, produced and recorded by Davide Carbone.
Mastered & Cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.
Graphics by Federico Scudeler.

Price $11.01

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