RIYL: early Herbert in his deep house days

Label: Curle Records

Matthew Herbert is one of the more interesting artists in action today, and someone who I try to keep a close eye on. Herbert, as the years have continued, has evolved (naturally) and moved further and further away from his luscious 90s/early 00s deep house roots that brought him to the forefront (especially Around the House – an album I play regularly. Each of his albums, however, beyond 100lbs has revolved around something specific – Around the House using the sounds from, you guessed it, around the house, Scale using hundreds (if I remember correctly) of objects to make its sounds to give you a sense of scale, and Bodily Functions revolving around… I don’t need to go on, you get the point. Herbert, as of late, has steered his production in to a rather venereal direction with the most heavy-handed allusion to his fascination with the body to date, A Nude, made entirely of sounds from a naked body. See You On Monday acted as the closer to 100lbs, and it still bangs twenty years later. This is a great glimpse in to what deep house was, and, of course, what Herbert started out in. Listen to it below via the YouTube stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

(first 300 coloured) Including limited silk screen artwork. Reissue of this 20y old timeless classic with new Linkwood remix on the b-side.

Almost two years ago we reissued DJ Boom 'Kinda Kickin' with an extra Efdemin remix on CURLE-P06. Because y'all loved it so much, we decided to reissue some more Matthew Herbert deep house goodies. First up is 'See You On Monday' from the iconic "Part One" EP, 20 years old but still timeless! On remix duties is Linkwood, who released his brilliant "Expressions" album on Firecracker last year. He for one knows how to keep the groove whilst diving deep. Including limited silk screen artwork. First 300 on transparent vinyl.

Price $8.4

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