Before I go in to my spiel, would I be alone in saying that the cover art strongly reminds me of Peaking Lights’ Lucifer? By no means am I implying they ripped off that cover art (because they didn’t!) but I find the contrast in the color scheme nostalgic, unique, yet rare in today’s music world. Anyhow Roberto Carlos Lange, Helado Negro, announced over Twitter a while back that his latest effort, Invisible Life, will be part of a limited press in CD and vinyl form. However, the amount of each format and the grade of the vinyl wasn’t specified. I found it odd that this wasn’t covered anywhere else, but with this coming right out of the horse’s mouth who’s to argue? Helado Negro is a unique project in the fact that Lange has exclusively sung in Spanish until Invisible Life. From the sneak peak we have received from Sufjan Stevens’ label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, Lange is introducing English lyrics in to his song work for the first time with the single  “Dance Ghost” which seems to give homage to the aesthetic of Bear in Heaven’s I Love You, It’s Cool  from last year – this deduction isn’t so far fetched since Lange was once, apparently, neighbors with the men who would go on to form Bear in Heaven. Take a listen to the catchy  “Dance Ghost” below.

Update from band! LP is limited to 300 and the art is done by @PaulCoors on Twitter. Check his work out. Cool stuff, thanks fellas!


The Details

Vinyl ships April 30th, 2013.

Invisible life.
I think it’s best to read into that name, to put it right up against yourself.
It’s walking alone when you’re walking with someone else.

Roberto Carlos Lange enters the room before his body does. Like light, like sound, like every single thing that travels on its own wavelength. As long as I’ve known him, he’s done what he wants. Not that Roberto, like the best artists, ever had a choice. From the room he grew up in, down in South Florida, to his apartment in Savannah — where I had my first dreams of a record label, where his neighbors were the guys that would become Bear In Heaven — Roberto Lange was never not making music. Dog-eared LPs crossfaded with MPC 2000 vibrations. The humidity, that restless tropical silent partner, crept in. The slow-dance of school turned into the primal late-night shake of near-mythical live shows that, a decade ago and in the marsh, laid the fossil bed for Helado Negro.

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