As The Ghostly Store Twitter account tweeted yesterday, they got a grip of Quitter’s Raga 7″s from NOTOWN Recordings – Gold Panda’s own label.

This has been out of print since 2009 and it’s one of Gold Panda’s earliest releases. With less than two minutes, Gold Panda is able to make the case that he’s a formidable producer – incorporating Indian music and instrumentation (specifically a sitar) in to an ear piquing IDM track. It feels as if Gold Panda could have elongated this by a minute or so, but that’s just my opinion. This is fit for an [adult swim] bump and I’d be surprised if [adult swim] hadn’t used it already; especially since Ghostly and the late night block have a good amount of history. The b-side “Fifth Ave” is chilled out instrumental hip-hop a la Botany; very earthy and warm.

Check out both tracks via the YouTube videos below and see what you think of them. Also, this probably goes without saying but since this is Gold Panda we’re talking about here, don’t expect this to be up for too long – take in to account that this is only $7. Get to it. Cheers!



The Details

Following a busy and fruitful 2013 that saw the release of his exceptional second album Half Of Where You Live and shows worldwide, UK electronic artist Gold Panda re-issues one of his earliest releases, Quitter’s Raga. The two-track 7”, long since sold out, was originally pressed by Make Mine records in 2009, with the now-cult track still being a staple of the artist’s live set.

Newly issued on Gold Panda’s own label NOTOWN Recordings, the vinyl-only release is limited to 600 copies as a deluxe heavy pressing and features the original.

Price $7

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